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TARDIS Stick Umbrella Lovarzi

TARDIS Stick Umbrella
TARDIS Stick Umbrella
TARDIS Stick Umbrella
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10/03/2015 Lovarzi UK

Press a button and our exclusive TARDIS Umbrella opens up into a 23" canopy!

We are unable to ship this Umbrella outside UK. If an order is placed for delivery outside UK, unfortunately we have to cancel that.

Every time the TARDIS materialises in a new location, within the first nanosecond of landing, it analyses its surroundings and calculates a 12-dimensional data map of everything within a thousand mile radius, and determines which outer shell would blend in best with the environment... And then it disguises itself as a police telephone box from 1963. Bit of a fault actually. Looks cool though!

That's why our new umbrella displays that iconic design with pride across its 23"/58.4cm canopy, opening at the touch of a button. Made from durable fibre glass, and complete with luxurious rubber-coated handle, it's perfect for anywhere you find yourself in time and space!

  • Release date: 10/03/2015
  • Fibre glass frame and shaft

OP: £34.99