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Doctor Who - The Ultimate Evil (Wally K. Daly) Target/W. H. Allen & Co. PLC

Doctor Who - The Ultimate Evil (Wally K. Daly)
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17/08/1989 Target/W. H. Allen & Co. PLC UK

Novelisation of an unused script inrended for the 23rd season. Cover by Alistair Pearson and Graeme Wey. 'The Missing Episodes'. Print run: 21,000.

Product description -
On Wednesday 27 February 1985 the BBC announced that their longest running sci-fi series, Doctor Who, was to be suspended. Anxious fans worldwide, worried that this might mean an end to the Time Lord's travels, flooded the BBC with letters of protest. Eighteen months later the show returned to the TV screens.

But missing from the Doctor's adventures was the series that would have been made and shown during those lost eighteen months. Now, available for the first time as a book, is one of those stories:


With the TARDIS working perfectly the Doctor and Peri find themselves at something of a loose end. A holiday in Tranquela, a peace-loving country where there has been no war for over fifty years, seems the ideal solution.

Unfortunately their visit coincides with that of an unscrupulous arms dealer — the Machiavellian Dwarf Mordant... 

REF: ISBN 0-426-20338-0
OP: £1.99 p/b
NM: £15