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Silurian Silver Coin New Zealand Mint

Silurian Silver Coin
Silurian Silver Coin EditUse as template for a new item
03/2014 New Zealand Mint New Zealand

Metal:999 Fine Silver
Finish:Proof / Coloured
Diameter:32 mm
Year of Issue:2014
Weight1/2 Troy Oz

Product description -

About The Coin

Doctor Who is currently the longest running and most successful science fiction television series of all time. Produced by the BBC, the programme follows the adventures of the last of the Time Lords – the Doctor.
An advanced race of reptilian humanoids, tribes of Homo Reptilia were the dominant life-form on Earth before the evolution of humanity. When a large object appeared in the sky the Silurians retreated underground or escaped Earth in an Ark which entered Earth’s orbit as the Moon. The Doctor has encountered three tribes of Silurians whose hibernation was disturbed by human activity. Whilst honourable warriors, they often found co-habitation with humanity to be impossible, due to war-like factions on both sides.

This coin set has been developed in collaboration between BBC Worldwide Australia & New Zealand and New Zealand Mint.

Reverse Design

This coin face depicts a relief engraved Silurian, set against a dramatic colour background. This is surrounded by a finely engraved border design.

Obverse Design

Each coin features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.


This Doctor Who Monsters Series – Silurians 1/2 oz Silver coin is presented in a classic and sturdy Doctor Who coin case - making an ideal gift. The inner case sits inside a printed outer packaging, featuring an image of a Silurian. A Certificate of Authenticity is displayed inside the case.

OP: NZ$70