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The End of the Universe set Warner Home Video

The End of the Universe set
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07/10/2003 Warner Home Video USA

USA release of a boxed set of all the remaining Doctor Who videos yet to be released in the USA. Contains: The Sensorites (Catalog #E1852); The Reign of Terror (includes The Faceless Ones episodes 1 and 3, and The Web of Fear episode 1) (Catalog #E1853); The Time Meddler (Catalog #E1854); The Gunfighters (Catalog #E1855); The Ambassadors of Death (Catalog #E1856); The Mutants (Catalog #E1857); Invasion of the Dinosaurs (Catalog #E1858); The Invisible Enemy (Catalog #E1859); The Creature From the Pit (Catalog #E1860); The Horns of Nimon (Catalog #E1861); Meglos (Catalog #E1862). The stories were also available individually.

REF: E1840
OP: $149.95