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Myth Makers: Anthony Ainley Reeltime Pictures

Myth Makers: Anthony Ainley
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27/02/2015 Reeltime Pictures UK

DVD-R Release. Actor.

I was always surprised when he (John Nathan Turner) rang me and called me back, because an actor always thinks a job is his last job!

Anthony Ainley had carved out a successful career as an actor in the theatre, films and television before being asked to play THE MASTER in Doctor Who.

A very private man, Ainley rarely did interviews and died before recording any extensive videos about his thoughts and feelings playing the evil nemesis of THE DOCTOR.

In this special Myth Makers, we are delighted to feature a rare interview with Ainley, recorded in 2000 at an event run by the Galaxy 4 shop in Sheffield.

Together with the memories of the organisers, this Myth Makers is very revealing of the man behind the role, proving Ainley was a very different man to the character we saw on our TV screens.

Recorded 2000

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