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Now We Are Six Hundred (James Goss) BBC Books

Now We Are Six Hundred (James Goss)
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14/09/2017 BBC Books UK

Production Description:

A gentle and humorous riff on the classic Now We Are Six, this is a collection of charming, funny and whimsical poems that celebrate the joys, sorrows and wonders of Time Lord life. Written by author James Goss, the book features illustrations by former Doctor Who Executive Producer Russell T Davies – his first role as an illustrator, using the comic artist skills he developed in his youth.

If I were a Dalek
And a big Dalek too
I shouldn’t much care
What happened to you...

As they get older, even Time Lords sometimes struggle to understand the universe around them. In this delightful collection of poems – the first volume of Doctor Who verse ever published – there are moments of insight, wit and reassurance for those aging inhabitants of Gallifrey, all of which will sound hilariously familiar.

Now We Are Six Hundred is a charming, funny and whimsical collection of poems that celebrate the joys and pitfalls of getting older. Much, much older. Time-Lord older. And sometimes, in space.

REF: ISBN: 978-1-78594271-6
OP: £9.99 hb