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Doctor Who Pin Collection Danbury Mint

Doctor Who Pin Collection
Doctor Who Pin Collection
Doctor Who Pin Collection
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05/2011 Danbury Mint UK

Collection was relaunched in March 2012.

Product description -
Come on a journey through time and space with this fantastic pin collection! Each of these custom-etched, hand-enamelled, 22-carat gold-plated pins portrays a different facet of the longest-running science fiction show in the world: the Doctor, his companions, adversaries and technology! From the TARDIS and each regeneration of the Doctor to the monsters we love to hate, Daleks... Sontarans... Cybermen, these brilliant designs capture the spirit and excitement of this immensely popular series. 

What’s more, this impressive set includes a custom-designed wooden TARDIS collector’s display, FREE of charge! 

Pins are approximately 1½” in height. 

TARDIS Collector’s display is 14¼” x 7” x 7”. 

Receive your first pin for just £2.95. Subsequent pins shipped two per month at just £9.95 each (plus 95p postage and handling each).

OP: £2.95 each pin