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TARDIS Glass Aquarium Kit Penn Plax

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11/2011 Penn Plax USA

15 litre fish tank with TARDIS ornament, time vortex background and a number of stickers including a Dalek and a Silurian.  Produced by New York based company Penn Plax, but appears to have only been available from branches of Pets at Home in the UK.  Part of a range of character fish tanks that also included Sponge Bob Square Pants and Scooby Doo.  Had been remaindered by April 2012.

Apparently the tank is not actually big enough to keep fish in! They need a lot more space than you might imagine. This may be why it was remaindered early. However it seems that the item was re-issued in January 2013 along with a range of Doctor Who themed ornaments for inside a tank.

OP: £35