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Ride-In Daleks
Ride-In Daleks
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06/2011 Kids@Play UK

Ride-in toy Daleks in each of the five 2010 colours: White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange. Comes in three parts: Base, inflatable body section with moveable arms and a removable head section. Powered by 6v battery and standing at 128cm tall, it features 360 degree steering with lights and 10 Dalek sounds. Height - 4ft 5in Mechanism - 360 degree movement. Sound - 10 sounds and phrases Lights - Inside sitting unit Battery - 6v Material - Sitting Unit - ABS Plastic, Dalek Shell - Balistic Nylon Age Recommendation - 3 - 6 years Max child fs weight - 30kg Rechargeable battery and battery unit supplied.

OP: £199.99