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DVD Files Magazine Trial #1 G E Fabbri

DVD Files Magazine Trial #1
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01/09/2008 G E Fabbri UK
Launch of a trial for DVD Files Magazine. The magazine comes out every two weeks and each edition includes a Magazine and a DVD of two episodes from the new series of Doctor Who. Price for the launch issue is £1.99, and subsequent issues are £6.99 in the shops or £5.99 to subscribers. The trial was in the Tyne Tees area of Britain and scheduled to run for 2-3 months. Assuming the trial is successful then Fabbri expect a national launch in January 09. Subscribers receive: 3 free Character Options figures; A DVD storage box; a copy of the TV Movie starring Paul McGann as the Doctor. Further DVD storage boxes could be requested to be sent every 14th issue for an additional £6.99 per box. The magazine run was announced at launch to be 28 issues. A Binder is promised and with issue 3 you get seven colour coded divider cards to use within it: Episode Guide; The Doctor; Technology; Allies; Enemies; Behind the Scenes; Flashback.
OP: £6.99