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Doctor Who at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Volume 1: The Early Years 1963-1969 BBC Music

Doctor Who at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Volume 1: The Early Years 1963-1969
Doctor Who at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Volume 1: The Early Years 1963-1969 EditUse as template for a new item
31/05/2000 BBC Music UK

CD. Music and sound effects composed by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and used in Doctor Who. CD Compiled and produced by Mark Ayres.

Track listing -

  1. Doctor Who (Original Theme)
  2. TARDIS Exterior Hum And Door (Original) (Pilot episode)
  3. Entry Into The TARDIS  (Pilot episode)
  4. TARDIS: Original Takeoff Sequence (Pilot episode)
  5. Doctor Who (Original Titles Music)
  6. Hodgson TARDIS Takeoff (An Unearthly Child)
  7. Skaro: Petrified Forest Atmosphere ("Thal Wind") (The Daleks)
  8. Brian Hodgson TARDIS Computer (The Daleks)
  9. Dalek City Corridor (The Daleks)
  10. Dalek Control Room (The Daleks)
  11. Capsule Oscillation (Dalek Destructor Fuse/Bomb Countdown) (The Daleks)
  12. Explosion, TARDIS Stops (The Daleks)
  13. Sleeping Machine (The Edge of Destruction)
  14. Sensorite Speech Background (The Sensorites)
  15. Dalek Spaceship Lands (The Chase)
  16. TARDIS Lands (The Chase)
  17. Chumbley (Constant Run) (Galaxy 4)
  18. Chumbley At Rest (Galaxy 4)
  19. Chumbley Sends Message (Galaxy 4)
  20. Chumbley Dome (Rises/Falls/Rises/Falls) (Galaxy 4)
  21. Chumbley Dies (Galaxy 4)
  22. Activity On Dalek Ship Control Panel (The Daleks' Masterplan)
  23. Energy Escapes (The Savages)
  24. Machinery In TARDIS Goes Wild (Regeneration) (The Tenth Planet)
  25. Regeneration Runs Down (The Power of the Daleks)
  26. The Doctor's Transitional Trauma (The Power of the Daleks)
  27. The Fish People (Incidental Music) (The Underwater Menace)
  28. Heartbeat Chase (The Macra Terror)
  29. Chromophone Band (The Macra Terror)
  30. Controller Chimes (The Macra Terror)
  31. Muzak (From "Time In Advance") (The Macra Terror)
  32. Propaganda Sleep Machine (The Macra Terror)
  33. Doctor Who (New Opening Theme, 1967)
  34. Sting & Web (Cocooning Interior) / Cobweb Pulsates (The Web of Fear)
  35. 4 Stings (The Web of Fear)
  36. Mr. Oak And Mr. Quill (Incidental Music) (Fury From the Deep)
  37. Lead-In To Cyber Planner (The Wheel in Space)
  38. Cyber Planner Background (The Wheel in Space)
  39. Cyberman Stab & Music (The Wheel in Space)
  40. Rocket Stab (The Wheel in Space)
  41. Birth Of Cybermats (The Wheel in Space)
  42. Cybermats Attracted To Wheel (The Wheel in Space)
  43. Rocket In Space (The Wheel in Space)
  44. Interior Rocket (Suspense Music) (The Wheel in Space)
  45. Servo Robot Music (The Wheel in Space)
  46. Wheel Stab (The Wheel in Space)
  47. Cosmos Atmosphere (The Wheel in Space)
  48. Alien Ship Music (The Wheel in Space)
  49. Jarvis In A Dream State (The Wheel in Space)
  50. Floating Through Space (The Wheel in Space)
  51. 2 Stabs (The Wheel in Space)
  52. TARDIS (New Landing) (The Dominators)
  53. Galaxy Atmosphere (The Dominators)
  54. Tension Builder (A) (The Dominators)
  55. Tension Builder (C) (The Dominators)
  56. Tension Builder (D) (The Dominators)
  57. Low Sting (The Dominators)
  58. TARDIS: Extra Power Unit Plugged In (The Mind Robber)
  59. Zoe's Theme (The Mind Robber)
  60. White Void (The Mind Robber)
  61. Muzak (From "Time In Advance") (The Mind Robber)
  62. Cyberman Brought To Life (The Invasion)
  63. Cyber Invasion (The Invasion)
  64. The Learning Hall (The Krotons)
  65. Entry Into The Machine (The Krotons)
  66. Sting (The Krotons)
  67. Machine And City Theme (The Krotons)
  68. Kroton Theme (The Krotons)
  69. TARDIS Land (The Space Pirates)
  70. Alien Control Centre (The War Games)
  71. Time Zone Atmosphere (The War Games)
  72. Dimensional Control (SIDRAT Dimensions Contract) (The War Games)
  73. War Lord Arrival (The War Games)
  74. Silver Box (The Doctor Calls For Help) (The War Games)
  75. Time Lord Court Atmosphere (The War Games)
  76. Doctor Who (Closing Titles)

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