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The Worlds of Doctor Who Silva Screen

The Worlds of Doctor Who
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05/1994 Silva Screen UK

CD. Collection of tracks from previously released CDs.

Track listing -

  1. Doctor Who theme
  2. TARDIS - Doctor Who
  3. The World of Doctor Who (The Mind of Evil and Planet of the Daleks)
  4. The Sea Devils
  5. The Ark in Space 
  6. Pyramids of Mars
  7. The Brain of Morbius
  8. Doctor Who Theme by Peter Howell
  9. Meglos
  10. The Five Doctors
  11. The Caves of Androzani 
  12. Myth Makers Theme (Reeltime Picture interview videos)
  13. Doctor Who - Terror Version by Dominic Glynn
  14. Terror in Totters (Remembrance of the Daleks)
  15. The Greatest Show in the Galaxy 
  16. Ghost Light 
  17. The Curse of Fenric 
  18. Return To Devil's End - Main Title (Reeltime Pictures interview video)
  19. Doctor Who - Spoons Version

OP: £8.99
NM: £8