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The Ravalox Remixes (Dominic Glynn) Silva Screen

The Ravalox Remixes (Dominic Glynn)
The Ravalox Remixes (Dominic Glynn) EditUse as template for a new item
18/05/2015 Silva Screen England

A new digital mini-album by composer Dominic Glynn. The Ravolox Remixes presents three remixes based upon music he originally created for Doctor Who in the 1980s, plus a new remix of his own Doctor Who theme variation from 1990.

  • The Trial Theme (Ravolox Remix)
  • Dragonfire: The Mark of Kane (L.I.Who Remix)
  • Survival: The Cheetah People (The Master's Remix)
  • Doctor Who: The Terror Version (Chicago Tardis Remix)