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Sounds from the Inferno (John Smith and the Common Men) Hysterion Records

Sounds from the Inferno (John Smith and the Common Men)
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20/04/2013 Hysterion Records UK

Exclusively available on 7" vinyl as part of 2013's Record Store Day.

'Three Guitars Mood 2' is the song that introduces the Doctor's granddaughter Susan, who is listening to it on a hand-held transistor radio when the audience first sees her. It is attributed by her to John Smith And The Common Men, and they are the title artists of a three-track EP, Sounds From The Inferno, which is being released on Saturday 20th April on the Hysterion Records label.

The back cover of the 7-inch EP includes a guide to the hand movements performed to the song by Susan.

The B-side has the tracks 'Latin Gear' and 'The Eyelash', which are two pieces of music heard in The Inferno nightclub in the season 3 closing story 'The War Machines'.

The 7" EP - or extended play - is a numbered limited edition of 1,000 copies which was only available from independent record shops. Copies will be sold on a first-come first-served basis.

'Three Guitars Mood 2' was actually composed by Nelson and Raymond, performed by The Arthur Nelson Group, and originally released on the Conroy label, while 'The Eyelash' and 'Latin Gear' were composed by Johnny Hawksworth and included on the album 'The Mood Modern', brought out on the Keith Prowse Music label.

REF: HYS 001 / RSD13JS
OP: £6.99