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Pyramids of Mars: Doctor Who Music by Dudley Simpson Silva Screen

Pyramids of Mars: Doctor Who Music by Dudley Simpson
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09/1993 Silva Screen UK

CD. Arranged by Heathcliffe Blair. Selection of musical suites from several Doctor Who stories originally composed by Dudley Simpson.

Track listing -

  1. The Violation (The Ark in Space)
  2. Cryogenic Sleepers (The Ark in Space)
  3. Wirrn Attacks (The Ark in Space)
  4. Noah's Humanity (The Ark in Space)
  5. The Trap (The Ark in Space)
  6. The Battlefield (Genesis of the Daleks)
  7. Futile Escape (Genesis of the Daleks)
  8. Sarah Pursued / The Prototype (Genesis of the Daleks)
  9. Genocide (Genesis of the Daleks)
  10. Davros's Megalomania (Genesis of the Daleks)
  11. Explosives and Detonators (Genesis of the Daleks)
  12. Sneaky Nyder (Genesis of the Daleks)
  13. Good From Evil (Genesis of the Daleks)
  14. Egyptian Expidition / TARDIS Attacked (Pyramids of Mars)
  15. Clements and the Mummies (Pyramids of Mars)
  16. Sutekh Descends (Pyramids of Mars)
  17. Cottage Under Siege (Pyramids of Mars)
  18. Sutekh's End - The Doctor Wins (Pyramids of Mars)
  19. Nightfall on Zeta Minor (Planet of Evil)
  20. The Thing in the Pit / The Big Fall (Planet of Evil)
  21. Anti-Man (Planet of Evil)
  22. Redemption (Planet of Evil)
  23. The Doctor's Mickey Finn (The Brain of Morbius)
  24. Portrait of Morbius (The Brain of Morbius)
  25. The Sisterhood of Karn (The Brain of Morbius)
  26. Condo's Death / Monster Rampage (The Brain of Morbius)
  27. Cyanide (The Brain of Morbius)
  28. The Mind-Bending Contest (The Brain of Morbius)
  29. The End of Morbius (The Brain of Morbius)
  30. Self-Sacrifice (The Brain of Morbius)
  31. The Doctor's Theme (The Brain of Morbius)

OP: £10.99
NM: £10