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Black Light by Dominic Glynn Dominitemporal Services Ltd.

Black Light by Dominic Glynn
Black Light by Dominic Glynn EditUse as template for a new item
1988 Dominitemporal Services Ltd. UK

Cassette. Collection of incidental music from The Trial of a Time Lord and Dragonfire.  Compiled by Julian Knott of the DWAS Reference Department.

Track listing -

  • The Trial Theme (The Mysterious Planet)
  • Be Careful / The Tribe Of The Free / Marb Station (The Mysterious Planet) 
  • The Valeyard's Threat (The Mysterious Planet)
  • The L.1 Theme (The Mysterious Planet)
  • The Hunting Party (The Mysterious Planet)
  • Katryca (Parts One And Two) (The Mysterious Planet)
  • Courtroom Drama / Ravolox (The Mysterious Planet)
  • L.1 Attack (The Mysterious Planet)
  • This Could Be The End (Parts One And Two) (The Mysterious Planet)
  • Long Live Queen Katryca / Doctor, You're Alive (The Mysterious Planet)
  • Peri's World (The Mysterious Planet)
  • The Wrath Of Drathro (The Mysterious Planet)
  • The Death Of Grell (The Mysterious Planet)
  • The Food Chamber / Black Light Explosion (The Mysterious Planet)
  • The Master's Revelation (The Ultimate Foe) 
  • Into The Matrix / The Hand (The Ultimate Foe)
  • The Fantasy Factory (The Ultimate Foe)
  • Popplewick (The Ultimate Foe)
  • The Very Odd Waiting Room (Parts One And Two) 
  • The Valeyard's Vanishing Trick / Nerve Gas (The Ultimate Foe)
  • The Illusion (The Ultimate Foe)
  • Glitz's Trick / The Grand Guignol (The Ultimate Foe)
  • The Ray Phase Shift - (i) The Particle Disseminator (ii) The Matrix Screen (iii) The Master's Edict (iv) The Evacuation (v) (The Ultimate Foe)
  • The Ray Phase Shift (The Ultimate Foe)
  • Farewell, Doctor(The Ultimate Foe)
  • Iceworld Intro / The Restricted Zone (Dragonfire)
  • The Mark Of The Sovereign / Iceworld Theme 1 (Dragonfire)
  • Iceworld Theme 2 / Glitz's Theme / The Sovereign (Dragonfire)
  • Cliffhanger / Zombies / Svartos Theme (Dragonfire)
  • Belasz / Kane's Anger (Dragonfire)
  • Zombie Hunters / The Ice Cabinet (Dragonfire)
  • Dragonfire (Dragonfire)
  • Dragonhunt 1, 2 And 3 (Dragonfire)
  • Good Fortune Nosferatu / Svartos From Space (Dragonfire)
  • Kane's Deal (Dragonfire)
  • Dragonfire / The Spacecraft (Dragonfire)
  • Kane's Demise (Dragonfire)
  • Goodbye Mel / Iceworld Finale (Dragonfire)

OP: £4.99
NM: £15
Black Light by Dominic Glynn
Black Light by Dominic Glynn EditUse as template for a new item
2003 UK

Pirate CD issue.

Doctor Who - Black Light
Doctor Who - Black Light EditUse as template for a new item
2003 USA

Pirate US CD release of the soundtracks by Dominic Glynn.

OP: $10