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First Class Ticket to Telos by Buckfunk 3000 Language Tours

First Class Ticket to Telos by Buckfunk 3000 EditUse as template for a new item
02/1998 Language Tours UK

Quotes Kit Pedler, Gerry Davis and Terrance Dicks for quotes from the Doctor Who and the Revenge of the Cybermen novelisation.  Also credits the BBC stills archive for the cover, a photo of a squad of Cybermen from The Five Doctors.

Track listing -

01   Intro
   Fried Funk & Microchips
03   Planet Shock Future Rock
04   March of the Cybermen
05   Panic Button
06   3000
07   Goodbye
08   Funkbwithu
09   Art of Cybernetics
10   For Funk's Sake
11   I Can't Stop
12   First Class Ticket To Telos
13   Feedback