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Subterfuge 1 - Conglomerate Circles (Nicholas Briggs) Audio Visuals

Subterfuge 1 - Conglomerate Circles (Nicholas Briggs)
Subterfuge 1 - Conglomerate Circles (Nicholas Briggs) EditUse as template for a new item
1989 Audio Visuals UK

The packaging says this story was written by Arthur Wallace and Samuel Flint.  This is a pseudonym for Nicholas Briggs.

Product description -
"Justyce Will Be Served"

Those words - etched into the TARDIS console, daubed on the doors and burnt into the scanner - now have more meaning than ever as the Doctor and Truman seem to lose track of themselves. They feel they have experienced something terrible - but what? As massive and complex galactic events unfold, they begin to realise the diabolical extent of the subterfuge which has ensnared them.

Who is Justyce? Why is Justyce hounding the Doctor throughout Time and Space? Cuthbert, the self-styled President of Conglomerate, may well have the answers... but before the Doctor and Truman can discover the truth, they have to face education by ordeal...

OP: £2