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Planet of Lies (Alan W Lear) Audio Visuals

Planet of Lies (Alan W Lear)
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1986 Audio Visuals UK

Product description -

"Something invading my mind like a death knell... 
But why now? 
The revisitation of Rayden's narcotic curse upon me has not only been unexpected, but totally illogical.
My mind is swimming... or drowning, I cannot accept that a cannister of Sargol, shattered over me months ago on Calfodoria, has suddenly had its insidious powers resurrected. 
Unless... some element of my natural defences has been removed or distracted. 
Did I really cause the destruction of Majus 17? 
The question of the origin and purpose of the apparently malevolent time-space force hounds me. 
This phenomenon has, inexplicably, entered the TARDIS twice: once to abduct Truman and then to take Ria, Truman returned in time to witness Ria's abduction, but has no recollection of his own experiences since leaving the TARDIS. 
My hiding place from Sargol's effects, a hastily built Zero Room, collapsed, leaving me a short time to effect a nerual and biological link with the TARDIS. 
I cannot tell if the dream I have experienced was a massive hallucination caused by Sargol, or a warning from the psychic core of the TARDIS. 
It seems that the Ship itself absorbed and suffered the effects of the drug. 
The TARDIS produced an almost delirious voice, warning me of some evil presence.
I am left with the screams of the dying in my head and a desert planet before me on which I must attempt to find Ria..."

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