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Blood Circuit (Jim Mortimer) Audio Visuals

Blood Circuit (Jim Mortimer)
Blood Circuit (Jim Mortimer)
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1986 Audio Visuals UK

Double cassette.  The packaging says this story was written by Ed Taylor.  This is a pseudonym for Jim Mortimer.

Product description -

When the TARDIS is critically damaged during and impromptu flight through a spacio-temporal maelstrom, the Doctor and Ria are forced to crashland on the planet Llandros.

Here the Doctors discovers a shattering truth:

The race of biological engineers who are the Ship's only hope of repair have suffered a massive ecological disaster which has reduced them to a state of total genetic chaos.

Meanwhile, Ria is desperately ill, a victim of the acceleration of relative time across her unique physiology, and in a gigantic silo somewhere beneath the surface of Llandros huge Blackstone Generators hold the key to armaggeddon.

With all hope for the TARDIS gone, and accused of a murder he did not commit, the Doctor is forced to balance the life of his companion against that of a man destined to prevent universal catastrophe thirty years into the future!

OP: £2