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Deadfall (Gary Russell) Audio Visuals

Deadfall (Gary Russell)
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1989 Audio Visuals UK

The packaging says this story was written by Warren Martyn.  This is a pseudonym for Gary Russell.

Product description -
"... obligation to the Galactic community and to replace the economically non-viable scrap-ships (as typified in the Garazone system), convicted criminals deemed suitable for such service shall, with a large degree of autonomy (linked to Central via the MT2X computer network), operate Scavenger ships to clear spaceways and retrieve valuable metals for the profit of the community and the financing of the penal system... The projection of a self-supporting, even profit making, penal system should be realised within three years.."

CONNOR (CHARLENE): Conv. under sect. 1&2 of the Galactic Charter Against Drug Abuse. 3 conv. for theft of company property.

GRIERSON (JENNIFER): Conv. under Special Provision 5, Galactic Public Order Charter. Also conv. for petty theft/assault.

HALLET (JAY): Conv. under Special Economic Measures Act, Conglomerate Charter, for grand fraud and theft of company property. Conv. for assault on numerous company personnel.

LLOYD (SIOBHAN): Conv. under sect. 7 of Kastor Major Social Behaviour Act. 3 prior conv. of political subversion.

TOLLAND (OLIVER): ...Ex-colonial education officer... service reactivated under Penal Reform Provisions Charter...

TOWNSEND (MARIANNE): Conv. under sect. 1&2 of Galactic Charter Against Drug Abuse. Conv. of grievous bodily harm. Charges on 7 counts of murder dismissed due to lack of evidence. 

OP: £2