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Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales (Justin Richards) Penguin

Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales (Justin Richards)
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07/04/2016 Penguin UK

CD release. Fifteen fairy tales, each narrated by a different person. Originally released as a series of individual downloads.


  • The Three Brothers Gruff (Paul McGann)
  • The Twins in the Wood (Anne Reid)
  • Frozen Beauty (Adjoah Andoh)
  • Garden of Statues (Joanna Page)
  • Sirgwain and the Green Knight (Andrew Brooke)
  • The Grief Collector (Michelle Gomez)
  • Jak and the Wormhole (Tom Baker)
  • Andiba and the Four Slitheen (Yasmin Paige)
  • Helana and the Beast (Pippa Bennett-Warner)
  • The Gingerbread Trap (Samuel Anderson)
  • The Scruffy Piper (Nicholas Briggs)
  • Little Rose Riding Hood (Rachael Stirling)
  • Cinderella and the Magic Box (Ingrid Oliver)
  • Snow White and the Seven Keys to Doomsday (Sophie Aldred)
  • The Three Little Sontarans (Dan Starkey)

A collection of dark and ancient fairy tales from the world of Doctor Who, these captivating stories include mysterious myths and legends about heroes and monsters of all kinds, from every corner of the universe. Originally told to young Time Lords at bedtime, these twisted tales are enchanting for Doctor Who fans of all ages.

REF: ISBN: 978-0141370156
OP: £17.99