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11 Doctors, 11 Stories Puffin

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21/11/2013 Puffin UK

Readings were produced for at least the first eight stories from Doctor Who - 11 Doctors, 11 stories.  It appears this item has not been released although promotional clips are available on SoundWorks and via the Puffin website. 

Stories -

  1. A Big Hand For the Doctor (Eoin Colfer) read by Nicholas Briggs
  2. The Nameless City (Michael Scott) read by Frazer Hines
  3. The Spear of Destiny (Marcus Sedgwick) read by the author
  4. The Roots of Evil (Philip Reeve) read by Sophie Aldred
  5. Tip of the Tongue (Patrick Ness) read by Nicholas Pegg
  6. Something Borrowed (Richelle Mead) read by Sophie Aldred
  7. The Ripple Effect (Malorie Blackman) read by the author
  8. Spore (Alex Scarrow) read by Nicholas Pegg