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The Ray Cusick Collection John McElroy

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The Ray Cusick Collection EditUse as template for a new item
1988 John McElroy UK
Collection of 36 8x6 colour photos taken by designer Ray Cusick during the making of a number of stories in the early 1960s.
  1. Two Daleks in Corridor (The Daleks)
  2. Dalek Entering Control Room (The Daleks)
  3. Two Daleks Plus Manacled Susan (The Daleks)
  4. Dalek with Susan in background (The Daleks)
  5. Susan, Barbara, Alydon (The Daleks)
  6. The Doctor Talking to Dyoni (The Daleks)
  7. The Doctor Walking Away From Dyoni (The Daleks)
  8. The Doctor and Alydon Plus Dalek Machine (The Daleks)
  9. Alydon and Dyoni Plus Dalek Machine (The Daleks)
  10. The Doctor Lecturing Alydon and Dyoni (The Daleks)
  11. The Doctor, Dyoni, Alydon and Ian (The Daleks)
  12. Alydon, Dyoni and Ian (The Daleks)
  13. Farewells Outside the TARDIS (The Daleks)
  14. Three Judges of Millennium (The Keys of Marinus)
  15. The Doctor, Ian and Barbara in Luxurious Room (The Keys of Marinus)
  16. Barbara, Susan and Handmaiden (The Keys of Marinus)
  17. Ian, the Doctor and Four Handmaidens (The Keys of Marinus)
  18. Altos Grabbing Barbara's Wrist (The Keys of Marinus)
  19. Barbara, Ian, Susan, the Doctor and Altos (The Keys of Marinus)
  20. Sabetha and Susan (The Keys of Marinus)
  21. The Doctor and Sabetha (The Keys of Marinus)
  22. Altos, Sabetha and Brain Creature (The Keys of Marinus)
  23. Ian, Barbara and the Doctor in Shabby Room (The Keys of Marinus)
  24. Altos, Susan, Ian and the Doctor (The Keys of Marinus)
  25. Ian, Barbara and Brain Creatures (The Keys of Marinus)
  26. Ian Consoling Barbara (The Keys of Marinus)
  27. Brain Creature (The Keys of Marinus)
  28. Ian, the Doctor and Maitland (The Sensorites)
  29. Ian, Maitland, the Doctor and Carol (The Sensorites)
  30. The Doctor, Ian, Barbara, Susan, Maitland and Carol (The Sensorites)
  31. Susan (The Sensorites)
  32. The Doctor, Ian and Sensorites (The Sensorites)
  33. Sensorites Entering Control Room (The Sensorites)
  34. Sensorites in Control Room (The Sensorites)
  35. Dalek in Sand (The Chase)
  36. Dalek Searching For Pray (The Chase)

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