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Tom Baker Photographs Sci Fi Collector

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2006 Sci Fi Collector UKSeries of colour 10x8 photographs of Tom

Baker as the Doctor from the seventies. These are the images commissioned by Denis Alan Print for their ranges of badges, greetings cards and posters. Each print comes signed by Tom Baker.

1st Set - 2005
A – Tom and K9 on leash
B – Tom by the Thames
C – Tom in the TARDIS with three fingers raised
D – Tom and Camel

2nd Set – 2006
E – Tom, K9 and a Dalek
F – Tom with Camel
G – Tom on Camel
H – Tom with hands raised and K9

3rd set – 2006/11
I – Tom and Dalek
J – Tom
K – Tom and K9
L – Tom pointing with Hat raised

OP: £15.00 each