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The Black Archive #32 - The Romans (Jacob Edwards) Obverse Books

The Black Archive #32 - The Romans (Jacob Edwards)
The Black Archive #32 - The Romans (Jacob Edwards) EditUse as template for a new item
06/2019 Obverse Books UK

Product Description:

‘Oh, something else I forgot to tell you: I think I’ve poisoned Nero.’

Following 53 episodes of unbroken action adventure, The Romans (1965) was Doctor Who’s first ever comedy. Beyond this  seminal place in history – beyond the serial’s clever script, vigorous direction, fine acting and all the humour – it remains notable as an expression of 1960s culture, counterculture, and a burgeoning spirit of reinvention.

The Romans afforded us the gift of laughter and allowed Doctor Who the freedom to shed its skin.

REF: ISBN: 978-1-90903-187-6
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