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Cyberman Fine Art Castings

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1984/11 Fine Art Castings UK
Fine Art Castings, well known at the time for their range of military pewter models, entered the Doctor Who market in 1984 with a range of very accurate and well crafted white pewter figures of the Doctors, companions and enemies. The range was expanded through 1985 and 1986 until eventually around 80 models were issued. Shortly after launching the range with a 4th Doctor, Cyberman and Dalek, Fine Art Castings started liaising with fan historians David J Howe and Mark Stammers. This resulted in far greater accuracy in the models and also an expanded production schedule of monsters from the series. The 80mm figures were available as plain pewter, antique finished or fully painted with vaarying prices.
OP: £6.25 / ?5.80
NM: £10