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Doctor Who: The David Tennant Years (Jamie Hailstone) Sonic Bond Publishing

Doctor Who: The David Tennant Years (Jamie Hailstone)
Doctor Who: The David Tennant Years (Jamie Hailstone) EditUse as template for a new item
17/07/2020 Sonic Bond Publishing UK

Product Description:

When David Tennant took over as the Tenth Doctor in 2005, the rejuvenated science fiction series was still in its infancy, having just completed its first series. Under the direction of showrunner Russell T. Davies, Doctor Who had burst back onto our screens after a lengthy absence and while it was more popular than ever, there was always a question of how audiences would react to one of the show's central concepts - the regeneration of the lead character itself. Fortunately, the casting of Tennant proved to be an inspired choice. Armed with nothing more than a pinstripe suit, a pair of plimsolls and a sonic screwdriver, he proved to be more than a match for the Cybermen, the Ood and the dreaded Daleks. And as companions entered and left the Tardis, Doctor Who became one of the BBC's biggest programmes all over the world. Now, more than 10 years after his final episode, The End of Time, this unofficial book aims to examine the enduring popularity of the Tenth Doctor, with comprehensive reviews for all of David Tennant's episodes, behind the scenes trivia and a guide to some of the locations that were used to create a television legend. Don't leave the constellation of Kasterborous without it!

REF: ISBN: 978-1-78952-066-8
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