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The Laughing Gnome #4 - Rise of the Dominator (Robert Mammone) Candy Jar Books

The Laughing Gnome #4 - Rise of the Dominator (Robert Mammone)
The Laughing Gnome #4 - Rise of the Dominator (Robert Mammone) EditUse as template for a new item
04/2019 Candy Jar Books UK

Product Description:

London 1973 - A man in police custody burns to death with no known cause of ignition. Anne Travers and Bill Bishop find themselves catapulted into the middle of a police investigation into the rise to power of the newest criminal godfather – the Big Man, aka, the Dominator, Dominic Vaar!

A Spanish safe cracker lands on the English coast and is whisked away to a secret meeting with none other than Vaar. His mission? To liberate a priceless sword forged when Sumer was young, a sword whose unshakeable thirst for life threatens the existence of all life.

And lurking in the background, plots a fugitive Nazi, using Vaar's rise to power and his own knowledge of the occult as cover for his plans to build a new Reich on British soil.

Lost in time and brought together by destiny, can Sir Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, Dame Anne Travers and Brigadier Bill Bishop stop Britain being pitched into a new age of darkness?

REF: ISBN: 978-1-912535-41-5
OP: £8.99 pb