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Who & Me (Barry Letts)
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11/2009 Fantom Films UK

Limited Edition Hardback edition of "Who & I". Limited to 200 copies. Contains additional material not in paperback edition. Signed by Terrance Dicks and Katy Manning, with a facsimile of Barry Letts' autograph.

REF: ISBN: 978-190626343-0
OP: £24.99 hb
Who & Me (Barry Letts)
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09/11/2009 Fantom Films UK

A PDF download only release was made available by Bartle Books (apparently owned by Letts himself) on 20/08/2007 priced $20.

REF: ISBN: 978-190626344-7
OP: £12.99 pb
Who & Me (Barry Letts)
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08/2021 Fantom Films UK

Limited Edition Hardback edition of "Who & I".

A special edition (limited to 200 copies) is also available containing postcards featuring Connor Adkins' artwork and an archival interview CD featuring Barry Letts, Terrance Dicks & Katy Manning.

Barry Letts began his screen career as an actor, starring in the Ealing film Scott of the Antarctic and TV dramas such as The Avengers, The Moonstone and Gunpowder Guy in which future Doctor Who actor Patrick Troughton took the lead role. In the 1960s he switched to directing, taking the helm of classic shows such as The Newcomers and Z Cars.

Barry got his first taste of Doctor Who in 1967 when he directed the six-part serial The Enemy of the World. In 1969, he took over as the show’s producer. This was an exciting time for Doctor Who – the show had a new lead actor, and was being broadcast in colour for the first time. Barry reveals his memories of this era, talking about his relationship with script editor Terrance Dicks and the show’s cast, Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning and Roger Delgado.

Packed with behind-the-scenes gossip, fascinating production detail and witty anecdotes, Who and Me recounts Barry Letts’ journey from struggling actor to successful producer, and the ups and downs of working on Doctor Who during the Jon Pertwee years.

When first published, Who and Me concluded at the end of Barry Letts’ second season as producer of Doctor Who; he had always intended to write a second volume, but sadly Barry’s death in 2009 meant that this was never completed. This new edition take the story forward with additional material which picks up where Barry left off and evaluates his contribution to the world’s longest running science fiction television series.

This 2021 edition of Who and Me contains two new articles; one from Michael Seely taking a look at Barry’s career not covered by the original text; and another, an extended interview with Barry discussing his contribution to Doctor Who in detail with Steve Hatcher.

REF: ISBN: 9781781963661-1