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Doctor Who - The Pescatons (Victor Pemberton) Target/Virgin Publishing Ltd

Doctor Who - The Pescatons (Victor Pemberton)
Doctor Who - The Pescatons (Victor Pemberton) EditUse as template for a new item
19/09/1991 Target/Virgin Publishing Ltd UK

Novelisation of the Argo Record originally released in the 1970s. Cover by Pete Wallbank. Number 153 in the Doctor Who library. This is the only non-televised Doctor Who story that has a Doctor Who library number. Print run: 22,000.

Product description -
An invasion of meteorites and an environmental crisis!

A scientific expedition has disappeared from the bed of the Thames Estuary, where a giant meteorite had landed years previously.

Having landed the TARDIS in the same vicinity, the Doctor and Sarah Jane are attacked at night by a vast, roaring creature.

Something reminds the Doctor of his encounter with the marine denizens of the planet Pesca, but before long his worst fears are confirmed: strange meteorites are landing all over the world, and the Pescaton invasion has begun. 

REF: ISBN 0-426-20353-4
OP: £2.50 p/b
NM: £3