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Doctor Who - The Twin Dilemma Dustjacket Who Dares Publishing

Doctor Who - The Twin Dilemma Dustjacket
Doctor Who - The Twin Dilemma Dustjacket EditUse as template for a new item
07/2017 Who Dares Publishing UK

Art by Andrew Skilleter. Previously unused on the cover.


This stunning new collection of unique dust jackets designed to fit round your WH Allen hardbacks or just displayed! We are releasing the first four and if there is a demand, we will continue to produce further titles. These have been meticulously put together by Target Doctor Who book expert, Rob Moss, in close collaboration with Andrew Skilleter.

The range will comprise a mixture of existing covers, replicas of hardbacks that already feature Andrew’s artwork and “what ifs”, dust jackets of covers that only ever appeared in paperback form, or which never appeared on books at all! Plus there will be a few additional extras along the way…

These replica dust jackets have been designed to show off Andrew’s paintings to their best, and as the later hardbacks were released with printed boards rather than dust jackets, they are designed to supplement the books on which they appear.

The dust jackets are printed and laminated to look and feel as close to the original WH Allen hardback covers as possible in terms of finish and weight, so should look good on any fan’s bookshelf.

OP: £15.00