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The Black Archive #9 - The God Complex (Paul Driscoll) Obverse Books

The Black Archive #9 - The God Complex (Paul Driscoll)
The Black Archive #9 - The God Complex (Paul Driscoll) EditUse as template for a new item
15/12/2016 Obverse Books UK

Product Description:

The Black Archive – a series of book-length looks at single Doctor Who stories from 1963 to the present day.

‘Why is it up to you to save us? That’s quite a God complex you have there.’

Drawing deftly on sources from the Theseus myth to Nineteen Eighty-Four and The Shining, The God Complex (2011) expands a one-line brief about a shifting, labyrinthine hotel into a tragic commentary on the Doctor’s fallibility and Amy’s misplaced faith. Unsettling, disorientating and frankly terrifying, Toby Whithouse’s story considers fear, belief and the series’ fundamental question: Who is the Doctor? Is he a hero, or simply ‘a madman in a box’?

REF: ISBN: 978-1-909031-47-0
OP: £6.99 pb