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Dalek Sec Portable Bluetooth Speaker Fametek LLC

Dalek Sec Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Dalek Sec Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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03/2015 Fametek LLC USA

Product description -


These BBC™ officially licensed wireless speakers will seamlessly pair with most any Bluetooth™ device. Meticulous cosmetic craftsmanship along with incredible sound quality achieved by the engineers at Massive Audio will make these units highly desirable by collectors and audiophiles alike.

The easy to use interface allows for an array of control options. LED indicators let you know when you power the device on and when you are connected. Additionally 6 different sound clips are programmed to indicate connection and activity.


•  Sound Clips: Exterminate, Gun, Re-initializing, Power down, Good Dalek, Command Override

•  Antennae flash with music and get brighter as music volume increases

•  Eye stalk with blue LED when paired with device

•  Auxiliary in/out for linking multiple models together for surround sound

•  Built in Omni-directional Microphone for phone calls with noise cancellation

•  Multi-Function interface for Volume / Play / Pause / >> / << / Phone / Power

•  Dual speakers with precision tuned ported enclosure

•  Appendages are adjustable and interchangeable

•  Built-in noise rejection circuitry

•  USB Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 10 hour life

•  Battery indicator display / voice battery low indicator



Connectivity   Wireless Bluetooth

Wireless Range:  33 Feet / 10 meters

Dalek Dimensions:  7.56H x 4.65”W x 5.79”D

Battery Life:  10 hours

Battery:  Rechargeable Lithium-ion via Micro USB

Speakers:  2” High Power + 2.5” Passive Bass Radiator

 Direct Connect / Linking  3.5mm Auxiliary In/Out

Microphone:  Omni-directional -43db, SNR>60dB

USB Port:  Micro-USB, DC5V, 350-400mA

Frequency Response:  100Hz - 20KHz

Tuning:  Direct wave guide for 360 degree dispersion

Signal to Noise Ratio:  >80dB

Construction:   Super rigid ABS tooled mold

OP: $119.98