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Silent Time Machine Set
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07/2012 Character Options UK

Product description -
Whispers heard through a wall... The creaking in the house... The breathing under your bed... Beware The Silence!

Materialising their creepy and very advanced time machines in the most secret of places, they infiltrate worlds without anyone ever knowing it - standing in the shadows or hanging clustered from the ceiling like sleeping bats. If you ever see one, don't look away - they'll edit themselves out of your memory so that you never remember them! All they want is to control your planet for their own villainous ends. Silence will fall!

Highly detailed and functional construction playset of the Silent Time Machine as seen in Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 1: The Impossible Astronaut. Includes control room with control panels, control interface chair with connector cables & two Silent micro-figures.

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OP: £19.99