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Doctor Who Series 7 (Murray Gold) Silva Screen

Doctor Who Series 7 (Murray Gold)
Doctor Who Series 7 (Murray Gold)
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09/09/2013 Silva Screen UK

The two-disc set includes music from throughout the series, composed by Murray Gold and played by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, conducted by Ben Foster.


Asylum of the Daleks

    1. They Are Everywhere
    2. Save Us
    3. Dalek Parliament
    4. Towards The Asylum
    5. A Probe In The Snow
    6. Amy And Rory Together
    7. The Terrible Truth

Dinosaurs On A Spaceship
    1. Dinosaurs On A Spaceship / Pterodactyls
    2. Brian
    3. Take A Ride On Tricey

A Town Called Mercy
    1. Make Peace
    2. Welcome To Mercy
    3. Out West
    4. Gunslingers
    5. The Salvation Of Kahler Jex
    6. Our Little Town’s Prosecutor

The Power of Three
    1. Cubes
    2. While We Waited
    3. Brian’s Log

The Angels Take Manhattan
    1. New York New York
    2. I Am You
    3. Melody Malone
    4. Little Angels
    5. My Husband’s Home
    6. Hide The Damage
    7. Together Or Not At All - The Song Of Amy And Rory
    8. Goodbye Pond

The Bells of Saint John
  1. Cumbria 1207
  2. Monking About
  3. Spoonheads
  4. Clara?
  5. A Turbulent Flight
  6. Bah Bah Biker
  7. Up The Shard
  8. I Might Change My Mind


The Rings of Akhaten

    1. The Leaf
    2. Something Awesome
    3. Market Day
    4. Merry Gejelh
    5. God of Akhaten
    6. The Speeder
    7. Never Wake
    8. The Long Song
    9. Infinite Potential
    10. Always You, Never A Replacement

Cold War
    1. Cold War
    2. Skaldak

    1. I Am A Ghost

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
    1. A Machine That Makes Machines

The Crimson Horror
    1. Crimson Horror
    2. Sweetville
    3. Thomas Thomas

Nightmare in Silver
    1. Hedgewick's World
    2. Tiberian Spiral Galaxy
    3. Upgrade In Progress
    4. The Dream Of Cyberia
    5. What A Brain
    6. Can’t Win
    7. Your Orders Come From Me
    8. Other Good News
    9. The Impossible Girl
    10. Cyber Amy
    11. The Emperor’s Wife
    12. Some Wednesday

The Name of the Doctor
  1. To Save The Doctor
  2. A Letter To Clara
  3. What Is His Name?
  4. A Secret He Will Take To His Grave
  5. Trenzalore
  6. I Am Information
  7. Pain Everlasting
  8. Remember Me
  9. Glasgow [Bonus track for iTunes]
  10. Whisper Men [Bonus track for iTunes]


OP: £10.99