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Who is Dr Who
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10/2000 RPM UK

CD compilation of Doctor Who singles. Compiled and produced by Mark Ayres.

Track listing -
1. Doctor Who [Original Theme]
2. Dr. Who
3. I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas With A Dalek
4. Landing Of The Daleks
5. March Of Robots
6. Dance Of The Daleks
7. Who's Who
8. Not So Old
9. The Eccentric Dr. Who
10. Daleks And Thals
11. Fugue For Thought
12. Who's Dr. Who?
13. Punch And Judy Man
14. Who Is Doctor
15. Pure Mystery
16. Dr. Who
17. Landing Of The Daleks [With Scramble Morse Code Message]
18. Time Traveller

REF: RPM 200