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The Nest Cottage Chronicles (Paul Magrs) BBC Physical Audio

The Nest Cottage Chronicles (Paul Magrs)
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16/07/2015 BBC Physical Audio UK


Tom Baker stars as the Fourth Doctor in fifteen full-cast audio dramas written by Paul Magrs, plus bonus features exclusive to this edition.

Hornets’ Nest: Responding to a strangely worded advertisement, former UNIT captain Mike Yates is reunited with a ghost from the past. Soon he and the Doctor are united in battle, against alien insects intent on global domination.

Demon Quest: A key component from the TARDIS disappears, unwittingly exchanged for a bag containing four curious objects. Each one is a clue, and so the Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey embark on a chase through Time…

Serpent Crest: The Doctor comes into possession of a Skishtari egg, whose powers are both wondrous and deadly. When the village of Hexford comes under attack, Mrs Wibbsey and Mike discover that two Doctors aren’t necessarily better than one…

With Susan Jameson as Mrs Wibbsey and Richard Franklin as Mike Yates, these thrilling adventures also feature Michael Maloney, Rula Lenska, Samuel West, Jan Francis, David Troughton, Michael Jayston, Simon Shepherd, Sophie Ward, Andrew Sachs, Nerys Hughes and many others. Also included in this edition are an exclusive interview with Tom Baker, outtakes from the original studio sessions, original release trailers, and a PDF booklet featuring text teasers for each story by writer Paul Magrs.

REF: ISBN: 978-178529122-7
OP: £40.00