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Mythos 1 - Zenith (Jim Mortimore) Audio Visuals

Mythos 1 - Zenith (Jim Mortimore)
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1989 Audio Visuals UK

The packaging says this story was written by Jonathan Boothroyd.  This is a pseudonym for Jim Mortimore.

Product description -
The Doctor and Truman find themselves in a fantastical world of elves and goblins. A world where science makes way for spells. A world called Mythos. There they meet a benign wizard who enlists their aid and together with some of the enchanted inhabitants of Mythos, they are pitted against the wicked Necromancer and his evil hoardes.

However, there is more to Mythos than at first meets the eye. Motivations run deep. Deeper even than the Doctor is able to fathom? Perhaps.

And what of Justyce? Can his touch be felt even in Mythos? Wherever the Doctor goes, Justyce is never far behind...

OP: £2