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Mythos 2 - Nadir (Jim Mortimore) Audio Visuals

Mythos 2 - Nadir (Jim Mortimore)
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1989 Audio Visuals UK

The packaging says this story was written by Jonathan Boothroyd.  This is a pseudonym for Jim Mortimore.

Product description -
Imagine. One day, you're swooping around the space/time vortex with the Doctor, the next, you're stuck on Earth in the late twentieth century. Bit of a culture shock, eh? Seeing how your ancestors existed might have been amusing in 30 minute university lectures, but six months of actually living with them? For Truman Crouch, cooking bacon and eggs is not exactly what his training as a colonial Foreman prepared him for... nor did it prepare him for some of the stranger delights of that famous little blue and green planet...

And what of Justyce? Can his touch be felt even in Mythos? Wherever the Doctor goes, Justyce is never far behind...

OP: £2