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Doctor Who - The Maze of Doom (David Solomons) BBC Physical Audio

Doctor Who - The Maze of Doom (David Solomons)
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30/04/2020 BBC Physical Audio United Kingdom

"David Solomons's zany, inimitable wit makes for a series of capers that are thrilling and satisfying."- The Guardian on The Secret in Vault 13

An ancient artifact buried deep within the TARDIS leads the Doctor back to London, where a deadly predator prowls the tunnels beneath the city. As the Time Lord and her friends investigate, they uncover a mystery that will take them from a secret mountain base to the depths of the ocean - and if they cannot solve it, one of them will perish.

In order to save her friend, the Doctor must solve the riddle of ... the Maze of Doom!

6 x CDs. Read by Sophie Aldred.

REF: ISBN: 978-1-405-93869-3
OP: £12.99