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John McElroy Colour Photo Collection 2 John McElroy

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John McElroy Colour Photo Collection 2 EditUse as template for a new item
1988 John McElroy UK
Collection of 290 8x6 colour photos.
  1. The Three Doctors Radio Times Cover
  2. The 5th Doctor
  3. TARDIS Console (The Two Doctors)
  4. The 2nd Doctor (The Two Doctors)
  5. The Doctor Peering Out of the TARDIS
  6. The 4th Doctor
  7. Melkur (The Keeper of Traken)
  8. The 4th Doctor (The Stones of Blood)
  9. Sarah Jane Smith (The Five Doctors)
  10. Peri
  11. Cyberman (Earthshock)
  12. Cyberman (The Five Doctors)
  13. Davros and Two Daleks
  14. K9 (The Stones of Blood)
  15. The 1st Doctor (The Five Doctors)
  16. Silurian (Warriors of the Deep)
  17. The 3rd Doctor
  18. The 1st Doctor (The Crusade)
  19. The Doctor and Cameca (The Aztecs)
  20. The Doctor and the Celestial Toymaker
  21. Steven and Dodo (The Celestial Toymaker)
  22. Steven, Joe and Clara (The Celestial Toymaker)
  23. The King and Queen of Hearts (The Celestial Toymaker)
  24. The 2nd Doctor with 500 Year Diary
  25. Cyberman (Moonbase)
  26. Emperor Dalek and 3 Daleks (Evil of the Daleks)
  27. Emperor Dalek (Evil of the Daleks)
  28. Cyberman Bursting From Tomb (Tomb of the Cybermen)
  29. 3 Cybermen Bursting From Tombs (Tomb of the Cybermen)
  30. Cybermat (Tomb of the Cybermen)
  31. The 2nd Doctor (The Ice Warriors)
  32. Ice Warrior (The Ice Warriors)
  33. 3 Clockwork Soldiers (The Mind Robber)
  34. Axon Monster (The Claws of Axos)
  35. Primitive Holding Spear (Colony in Space)
  36. The 3rd Doctor, Dalek and Ogrons (Day of the Daleks)
  37. The 2nd and 3rd Doctors (The Three Doctors)
  38. The Whomobile (Planet of the Spiders)
  39. The 4th Doctor (The Masque of Mandragora)
  40. Shuttle Craft (The Invisible Enemy)
  41. The 5th Doctor (Castrovalva)
  42. The 5th Doctor at Mawdryn's Console (Mawdryn Undead)
  43. The 2nd Doctor (The Five Doctors)
  44. Kamelion (The King's Demons)
  45. Frozen Cyberman (Attack of the Cybermen)
  46. Cryon and Peri (Attack of the Cybermen)
  47. Peri Attacked by Cybermen (Attack of the Cybermen)
  48. Peri
  49. The TARDIS (Revelation of the Daleks)
  50. Davros in Tank (Revelation of the Daleks)
  51. Barbara and Ian
  52. Ian and Ping-Cho (Marco Polo)
  53. Susan in Furs (10th Anniversary Radio Times Special)
  54. Steven and Toys (10th Anniversary Radio Times Special)
  55. Polly, Ben and Cybermen (10th Anniversary Radio Times Special)
  56. Jamie, Victoria and Yeti (10th Anniversary Radio Times Special)
  57. Victoria and the TARDIS
  58. Zoe
  59. Liz Shaw and the Brigadier (10th Anniversary Radio Times Special)
  60. Jo, Cliff and Maggot (The Green Death)
  61. The 3rd Doctor, Cyberman, Dalek and Sea Devil
  62. The 3rd Doctor and Liz Shaw
  63. The Master (Terror of the Autons)
  64. The 3rd Doctor, The Master, Jo and The Brigadier (Terror of the Autons)
  65. The 3rd Doctor and Jo (Colony in Space)
  66. The Master
  67. The Brigadier (Day of the Daleks)
  68. Sgt Benton (Day of the Daleks)
  69. Jo Grant
  70. The 3rd Doctor and Sea Devil (The Sea Devils)
  71. Jo and The Master (The Sea Devils)
  72. The 3rd Doctor, Jo, The Brigadier and Cliff (The Green Death)
  73. Sarah Jane and the K1 Robot (Robot)
  74. Sarah Jane and Aggedor (The Monster of Peladon)
  75. Sarah Jane and Giant Spider (Planet of the Spiders)
  76. Harry Sullivan
  77. Leela
  78. Leela (The Talons of Weng Chiang)
  79. Romana 1 and the TARDIS
  80. Romana 2 and K9 (Creature From the Pit)
  81. Romana 2 (Shada)
  82. Romana 2 (The Leisure Hive)
  83. Adric and Romana 2 (Full Circle)
  84. Adric (Full Circle)
  85. The 5th Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and Adric
  86. Turlough
  87. Turlough (Mawdryn Undead)
  88. The Brigadier (Mawdryn Undead)
  89. Nyssa (Terminus)
  90. Nyssa and Turlough (Terminus)
  91. Nyssa in Lab (Terminus)
  92. Nyssa and the Garm (Terminus)
  93. The Black Guardian
  94. The Five Doctors and K9
  95. Cpt Mike Yates (The Five Doctors)
  96. The 3rd Doctor and Sarah Jane
  97. Tegan (Resurrection of the Daleks)
  98. Peri in White Dress
  99. Peri (Publicity Shot)
  100. Peri (The Two Doctors)
  101. Liz Shaw (Inferno)
  102. The Brigadier (Inferno)
  103. The 3rd Doctor (The Daemons)
  104. Jo, Alpha Centauri and Ixlyr (The Curse of Peladon)
  105. Two Draconians (Frontier in Space)
  106. The 3rd Doctor (Planet of the Daleks)
  107. Taron (Planet of the Daleks)
  108. Exillons and Dalek (Death to the Daleks)
  109. Ice Warrior and Ice Lord (The Monster of Peladon)
  110. Queen Tharila (The Monster of Peladon)
  111. The 3rd Doctor (Planet of the Spiders)
  112. The 4th Doctor, Harry and the Brigadier (Robot)
  113. K1 Robot (Robot)
  114. Wirrn (The Ark in Space)
  115. The 4th Doctor, Harry and Sarah Jane (The Sontaran Experiment)
  116. Sarah Jane (The Pyramids of Mars)
  117. Mummies (The Pyramids of Mars)
  118. Sarah Jane, Scarman and the 4th Doctor (The Pyramids of Mars)
  119. Solon and Morbius (The Brain of Morbius)
  120. The 4th Doctor (The Brain of Morbius)
  121. Sarah Jane and the 4th Doctor (The Seeds of Doom)
  122. Wood Panelled Console Room (The Masque of Mandragora)
  123. The 4th Doctor (The Hand of Fear)
  124. Voc Robot (The Robots of Death)
  125. Leela Attacked by Robot (The Robots of Death)
  126. Mr Sin (The Talons of Weng Chiang)
  127. Romana 1 and the TARDIS
  128. Romana 1 and the Key to Time
  129. The 4th Doctor in Front of the Eiffel Tower (The City of Death)
  130. The 4th Doctor and Romana (The City of Death)
  131. Aged 4th Doctor (The Leisure Hive)
  132. Romana 2 (Meglos)
  133. 4th Doctor and the TARDIS (Full Circle)
  134. Marshmen (Full Circle)
  135. The 4th Doctor and K9 (Full Circle)
  136. The 4th Doctor (Logopolis)
  137. The 5th Doctor and Turlough (Mawdryn Undead)
  138. Nyssa (Terminus)
  139. Raston Warrior Robot (The Five Doctors)
  140. Sea Devil (Warriors of the Deep)
  141. Governor (Vengeance on Varos)
  142. Sil (Vengeance on Varos)
  143. The Rani (Mark of the Rani)
  144. Chessene (The Two Doctors)
  145. The 2nd Doctor (The Two Doctors)
  146. The 2nd Doctor (The Two Doctors)
  147. Sontaran (The Two Doctors)
  148. Jamie (The Two Doctors)
  149. The DJ (Revelation of the Daleks)
  150. Daleks (Revelation of the Daleks)
  151. Maxil and the Castellan (The Arc of Infinity)
  152. The 6th Doctor Holding Fishing Rod
  153. The 6th Doctor on Bridge
  154. The 6th Doctor in the 5th Doctor's Costume (The Twin Dilemma)
  155. The 6th Doctor (The Twin Dilemma)
  156. The 6th Doctor Holding His Jacket and the 5th Doctor's Jacket (The Twin Dilemma)
  157. The 6th Doctor (The Twin Dilemma)
  158. Edgeworth (The Twin Dilemma)
  159. Mestor (The Twin Dilemma)
  160. The 6th Doctor (Attack of the Cybermen)
  161. The 6th Doctor and Lytton (Attack of the Cybermen)
  162. The 6th Doctor and Cryon (Attack of the Cybermen)
  163. The 6th Doctor Firing Cyber Gun (Attack of the Cybermen)
  164. Cybercontroller and The 6th Doctor (Attack of the Cybermen)
  165. The 2nd Doctor and the 6th Doctor (The Two Doctors)
  166. The 6th Doctor and Peri (The Two Doctors)
  167. The 6th Doctor and Jamie (The Two Doctors)
  168. Peri and Jamie (The Two Doctors)
  169. The 6th Doctor (The Mark of the Rani)
  170. The Rani in Her TARDIS (The Mark of the Rani)
  171. Android (Timelash)
  172. The 6th Doctor (Timelash)
  173. The 6th Doctor in Cape (Revelation of the Daleks)
  174. The 6th Doctor and the TARDIS (Revelation of the Daleks)
  175. The 6th Doctor and a Dalek (Revelation of the Daleks)
  176. The Inquisitor (The Trial of a Timelord)
  177. The 6th Doctor and the Inquisitor (The Trial of a Timelord)
  178. The 6th Doctor (The Trial of a Timelord)
  179. The Valeyard Portrait (The Trial of a Timelord)
  180. The Valeyard (The Trial of a Timelord)
  181. Glitz (The Trial of a Timelord)
  182. L1 Robot (The Trial of a Timelord)
  183. The 6th Doctor in Primitive Encampment (The Trial of a Timelord)
  184. The 6th Doctor and Drathro (The Trial of a Timelord)
  185. Katryca (The Trial of a Timelord)
  186. Dibber (The Trial of a Timelord)
  187. Peri in Yellow Blazer (The Trial of a Timelord)
  188. Unconcious 6th Doctor (The Trial of a Timelord)
  189. The 6th Doctor by Cliffs (The Trial of a Timelord)
  190. King Yrcarnos  (The Trial of a Timelord)
  191. Peri, the Lukoser and King Yrcarnos (The Trial of a Timelord)
  192. Kiv (The Trial of a Timelord)
  193. Kiv Seated on Machine (The Trial of a Timelord)
  194. Kiv on Operating Table (The Trial of a Timelord)
  195. King Yrcarnos on Operating Table (The Trial of a Timelord)
  196. Sil and Crozier (The Trial of a Timelord)
  197. The 6th Doctor and Sil (The Trial of a Timelord)
  198. The 6th Doctor on the Hyperion 3 (The Trial of a Timelord)
  199. The 6th Doctor and Mel (The Trial of a Timelord)
  200. Unhatched Vervoid Pods (The Trial of a Timelord)
  201. Vervoid  (The Trial of a Timelord)
  202. Morgarions (The Trial of a Timelord)
  203. Professor Laskie (The Trial of a Timelord)
  204. Mel, Professor Laskie and the 6th Doctor (The Trial of a Timelord)
  205. Mel Lifting Weights (The Trial of a Timelord)
  206. The 6th Doctor and Mel in the TARDIS (The Trial of a Timelord)
  207. The Commodore and Rudge (The Trial of a Timelord)
  208. The 6th Doctor, Mel, the Commodore and Rudge (The Trial of a Timelord)
  209. The 6th Doctor Leaning on Reception Desk (The Trial of a Timelord)
  210. Glitz on Beach (The Trial of a Timelord)
  211. The Valeyard on Sand Dunes (The Trial of a Timelord)
  212. The 6th Doctor Being Pulled Into Barrel (The Trial of a Timelord)
  213. The 6th Doctor Being Pulled Into Sand (The Trial of a Timelord)
  214. Glitz and the 6th Doctor on Beach (The Trial of a Timelord)
  215. The 6th Doctor and Mr Popplewick (The Trial of a Timelord)
  216. Mel
  217. Mel in Blue Dress
  218. Mel in Blue and Orange Dress
  219. Mel Holding Daffodil
  220. Mel in Pink
  221. The 7th Doctor
  222. The 7th Doctor
  223. The 7th Doctor in the 6th Doctor's Costume
  224. Mel and the 7th Doctor (Time and the Rani)
  225. The Rani (Time and the Rani)
  226. Ikona and Mel (Time and the Rani)
  227. Skeleton (Time and the Rani)
  228. The 7th Doctor (Time and the Rani)
  229. Tetrap (Time and the Rani)
  230. Faroon (Time and the Rani)
  231. Tetraps (Time and the Rani)
  232. Rani, Urak and Giant Brain (Time and the Rani)
  233. The 1st Doctor (Marco Polo)
  234. Tlotoxl (The Aztecs)
  235. The 2nd Doctor Playing Recorder
  236. Jamie and Victoria (The Web of Fear)
  237. Liz Shaw
  238. The Master (Terror of the Autons)
  239. Jo Grant
  240. The 2nd Doctor, the 3rd Doctor and Omega
  241. Two Ogrons
  242. The 3rd Doctor (The Time Warrior)
  243. The 4th Doctor and Sarah Jane (The Planet of Evil)
  244. The 4th Doctor and Leela
  245. Ransome and Fendahl (Image of the Fendahl)
  246. Sontarans (The Invasion of Time)
  247. The Captain and Mr Fibuli (The Pirate Planet)
  248. Professor Rumford and Romana 1 (The Stones of Blood)
  249. Cessair of Diplos (The Stones of Blood)
  250. The 4th Doctor and Romana 2
  251. Exterior of The Leisure Hive (The Leisure Hive)
  252. The Keeper (The Keeper of Traken)
  253. Nyssa and Cassia (The Keeper of Traken)
  254. The 5th Doctor
  255. The 5th Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan
  256. Tegan (Warriors of the Deep)
  257. Nyssa (Mawdryn Undead)
  258. Tegan (Enlightenment)
  259. Shockeye (The Two Doctors)
  260. Kara and Dalek (Revelation of the Daleks)
  261. The 7th Doctor and Mel (Paradise Towers)
  262. Mel in Swimming Pool (Paradise Towers)
  263. The 7th Doctor and Mel Examining Rubbish (Paradise Towers)
  264. The Chief Caretaker (Paradise Towers)
  265. The 7th Doctor and Cleaner Robot (Paradise Towers)
  266. Tilda and Tabby (Paradise Towers)
  267. Tilda, Tabby and Mel (Paradise Towers)
  268. Maddy and Chief Caretaker (Paradise Towers)
  269. Maddy (Paradise Towers)
  270. Mel (Paradise Towers)
  271. The 7th Doctor in Yellow Coat (Delta and the Bannermen)
  272. Ray on Motorbike (Delta and the Bannermen)
  273. Ray and the 7th Doctor (Delta and the Bannermen)
  274. Gavrok (Delta and the Bannermen)
  275. Delta (Delta and the Bannermen)
  276. Mel in Straw Hat (Delta and the Bannermen)
  277. Goronwy and Weismuller (Delta and the Bannermen)
  278. The 7th Doctor and Mel on Motorbike (Delta and the Bannermen)
  279. The 7th Doctor and Mel (Delta and the Bannermen)
  280. The 7th Doctor and TARDIS (Dragonfire)
  281. The 7th Doctor and Mel at TARDIS Console (Dragonfire)
  282. The 7th Doctor Hanging Over Precipice (Dragonfire)
  283. Aliens in Cafe (Dragonfire)
  284. Mel and Ace (Dragonfire)
  285. The 7th Doctor and Glitz (Dragonfire)
  286. The 7th Doctor and Glitz by Cliff (Dragonfire)
  287. Mel by Cliff (Dragonfire)
  288. Dragon and Stellar (Dragonfire)
  289. Ace and the 7th Doctor (Dragonfire)
  290. Ace (Dragonfire)

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