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John McElroy Colour Photo Collection 1 John McElroy

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1984 John McElroy UK
Collection of at least 131 3.5x5 colour photos released from 1984 to 1987.
  1. Cyberman (The Five Doctors)
  2. Dalek, the 1st Doctor and Susan (The Five Doctors)
  3. Leela (The Talons of Weng Chaing)
  4. Tegan
  5. Nyssa and Adric (Logopolis)
  6. The 5th Doctor
  7. Cyberman (Earthshock)
  8. Leela
  9. The 3rd Doctor
  10. Tegan
  11. 5th Doctor pushing a Dalek from a window (Resurrection of the Daleks)
  12. Tractator (Frontios)
  13. Romana 1
  14. Tegan at the TARDIS console
  15. Tegan in flight uniform
  16. 5th Doctor
  17. Turlough and Norma (Frontios)
  18. Romana 2 in the 4th Doctor's clothes
  19. Leela
  20. Silurian (Warriors of the Deep)
  21. The 5th Doctor unconcious with Tegan and Turlough (The Five Doctors)
  22. Silurian (Warriors of the Deep)
  23. Sarah Jane (The Hand of Fear)
  24. Malus (The Awakening)
  25. Solow (Warriors of the Deep)
  26. The 2nd Doctor (The Five Doctors)
  27. Sir George Hutchinson (The Awakening)
  28. Romana 1, K9 and the 4th Doctor
  29. Alien Priest (Colony in Space)
  30. The 3rd Doctor in Bessie (The Five Doctors)
  31. The 5th Doctor, Norma and two Tractators (Frontios)
  32. Silurian (Warriors of the Deep)
  33. Sontaran (The Invasion of Time)
  34. Nyssa (Snakedance)
  35. Romana 2
  36. Romana 2 and K9 (Shada)
  37. Axon man and Axon woman (The Claws of Axos)
  38. Romana 1 (The Ribos Operation)
  39. Silurian (Doctor Who and the Silurians)
  40. The Brigadier
  41. The 5th Doctor, Tegan and two Daleks (Resurrection of the Daleks)
  42. The 5th Doctor and the TARDIS (Resurrection of the Daleks)
  43. Romana 1 and K9 (The Stones of Blood)
  44. Sutekh (The Pyramids of Mars)
  45. Jo Grant
  46. Hugo Lang (The Twin Dilemma)
  47. The 5th Doctor, Peri and the TARDIS (Planet of Fire)
  48. Nyssa
  49. Peri (Planet of Fire)
  50. Kamelion and Peri (Planet of Fire)
  51. Stien (Resurrection of the Daleks)
  52. Jacondan (The Twin Dilemma)
  53. The 4th Doctor (The Talons of Weng Chiang)
  54. Peri and the 5th Doctor (The Caves of Androzani)
  55. Timmin (The Caves of Androzani)
  56. Nimon (The Horns of Nimon)
  57. Fabian (The Twin Dilemma)
  58. Tegan
  59. Jo Grant
  60. Nimon (The Horns of Nimon)
  61. Sarah Jane
  62. Romana 1 and K9 (The Androids of Tara)
  63. Davros (Resurrection of the Daleks)
  64. Bok (The Daemons)
  65. K9
  66. Sea Devil (Warriors of the Deep)
  67. Azal (The Daemons)
  68. The 4th Doctor and Sarah Jane (Terror of the Zygons)
  69. The 4th Doctor and Sarah Jane (The Masque of Mandragora)
  70. The 4th Doctor and Romana 2 (The Horns of Nimon)
  71. Davros and two diseased Daleks (Resurrection of the Daleks)
  72. The 5th Doctor and Peri in execution shrouds (The Caves of Androzani)
  73. The 5th Doctor tied up (The Caves of Androzani)
  74. Sarah Jane
  75. Sarah Jane (The Ark in Space)
  76. The TARDIS (The City of Death)
  77. Mutt (The Mutants)
  78. Mandrel and the 4th Doctor (The Nightmare of Eden)
  79. Sarah Jane (Death to the Daleks)
  80. Howard and Peri (Planet of Fire)
  81. Sarah Jane (The Seeds of Doom)
  82. The 4th Doctor
  83. Five Mandrels (The Nightmare of Eden)
  84. K9
  85. Romana 1 (The Stones of Blood)
  86. K9
  87. Adric
  88. Leela
  89. Mandrel (The Nightmare of Eden)
  90. Timmin at desk (The Caves of Androzani)
  91. The 4th Doctor (The Seeds of Doom)
  92. The 4th Doctor
  93. Sharaz Jek (The Caves of Androzani)
  94. Peri, the 5th Doctor and Sharaz Jek (The Caves of Androzani)
  95. Peri and the 5th Doctor (Planet of Fire)
  96. Davros and two Daleks (Resurrection of the Daleks)
  97. Peri, the 5th Doctor and Sharaz Jek (The Caves of Androzani)
  98. The 5th Doctor and Tegan (Resurrection of the Daleks)
  99. Captain Mike Yates and the 3rd Doctor (Invasion of the Dinosaurs)
  100. The 3rd Doctor and Jo
  101. Zygon (Terror of the Zygons)
  102. Sarah Jane (The Time Warrior)
  103. Two Silurians and a Sea Devil (Warrior of the Deep)
  104. The 5th Doctor peering out of the TARDIS
  105. Brazen, Plantagenet and the 5th Doctor (Frontios)
  106. Plantagenet and the 5th Doctor (Frontios)
  107. Mining machine (Frontios)
  108. The 5th Doctor and a Tractator in the remains of the TARDIS (Frontios)
  109. The Brigadier and Liz Shaw (Spearhead From Space)
  110. Romana 1 and K9 (The Ribos Operation)
  111. Vorshak and Preston (Warriors of the Deep)
  112. The 5th Doctor and villagers (The Awakening)
  113. Trenchard and the Master (The Sea Devlils)
  114. Plantagenet and a Tractator (Frontios)
  115. The 4th Doctor and a sarcophagus (Pyramids of Mars)
  116. Malus (The Awakening)
  117. Adric and Tegan
  118. The 1st Doctor, the 5th Doctor, the 3rd Doctor and the 2nd Doctor (The Five Doctors)
  119. K9 and Sarah Jane (The Five Doctors)
  120. The 4th Doctor
  121. The 4th Doctor and the Master (Logopolis)
  122. Turlough, Susan, the Brigadier and Sarah Jane (The Five Doctors)
  123. The 5th Doctor and Turlough
  124. Six Sea Devils (The Sea Devils)
  125. Jo Grant
  126. Tegan, the 5th Doctor and Turlough (Warriors of the Deep)
  127. Two Silurians and two Sea Devils (Warriors of the Deep)
  128. Turlough and Brazen (Frontios)
  129. Jamie, Zoe, the 2nd Doctor and the Brigadier (The Five Doctors)
  130. K9 and a Mandrel (Nightmare of Eden)
  131. The 7th Doctor and Glitz (Dragonfire)